there lives an ogre, who, unlike all the other ogres in the region, is mean, nasty, obstinate, pig-headed, loud, obnoxious, lecherous, smelly, a wretchedly vile form of shit, and, above all else, a liar and a thief.  This particular ogre preys on the hopes and dreams of the many who wish to see a more colorful world.  He sinks his obtrusive spikes that he calls teeth into the flesh of the good-willed so that he, himself, may bring his own desires to fruition.  He’s something of a bully, having been bullied himself, and he makes it a point of getting what he wants, however many people stand in his way.  His thievery is legendary, and his impact is resoundingly awful.  He’s a master manipulator; his salesmanship is uniquely friendly and approaching sincere, while his intentions are selfish and demanding.  When it boils down to it, he’d be someone you’d want on your side.  BEWARE YE WHO COME NEAR:  THE OGRE WILL DEFY YOUR LOGIC AND PROCEED TO BLEED YOUR EMOTIONS UNTIL YOU HAVE NONE LEFT.

I speak from experience and pain.  And what now?

Dzemma ban