Hey.  Hey!
Whatcha got these days?
You feeling on the up,
on the mend?
But what’s that around the bend?
Oh- it’s that time again.
It’s Christmas come early, m’boy.
Oh, yes it is.
It’s the Big D, m’boy.
Oh, yes it is.
It’s the D-lightful,
D-lovely D of all D’s.
It’s Depression!
The celebrated razor’s edge of all human condition.
The looking glass, though distorted every which way we try,
shows us everything we never wanted to see but knew to be.
You want to know what I see?
Do you want to know what I see?
I’m asking you a question,
something worth some reflection.
See, the signs are all there,
all the time,
but everyone outside can’t see to the inside,
nor can you grasp the lift from the topside to the downside.
And the hardest fucking part,
which to you I will impart,
for soon I may depart,
is that I’m such a good liar and you’ll never know it
because I wear this, and that is what you’ll miss, for I’d hate if, rather, you had to miss this.
So be grateful and be selfish,
be happily employed,
be lovely and be kind,
and be so overjoyed
that the Big D never smashed
its ugly face into yours nor dashed
the great potential everyone thought you had.
This isn’t a plea for help- I’m beyond it.

Dzemma ban