I escaped the gray, massive, neon monster of economic machinations-
the cold concrete, the important-minded-
by wheels, by wings, by wayfaring waves to an isolated moment of new-found friendship and kindness.

We met by surprise and laughed in the first moment-

I knew there was something of substance-
at this intersection by the corner of Curiosity Boulevard and Innocent Street.

The blonde, brown-eyed beauty and the dark, hazel-eyed escapee-
we solved each others problems-
in the water, by the sand, under the moon, away from and close to Man’s magically misshapen-ed thrust into the Dark Ages of industrial creation and over-saturated grandeur.

We rinsed the sea away and laid in each others’ souls-
I told you of my moment of nirvana-
showing each other our beastly inclinations.

You toyed with me and shined in the moonlight, all the while smiling away any worries and doubts you ever had-
this was a Moment-
a minuscule flicker of love in this universe of cosmic bafflings and scriptured forebodings.

I miss you already as I head back to Shanghai by wayfaring waves, by wings, by wheels-
back to the gray and cold-
I’ll see you again (perhaps) at a different intersection of humanity and timelessness when we’re just as lost and uncertain of anything except each other.

Dzemma ban