Up!  Up I say!  Hoist man
above himself and let him
simply be,
simply dream,
simply live,
and simply see things and people as they are and not as he would want them.
Let the False Mighty fall under theor own weight of falsehood.
Let the Truth Seekers rise through their own lightness of approach.
Let Man embrace and respect his Animal instincts, inclinations and doings, but don’t let him forget he’s a fragile creature in the Sea of the Unknown.
Up!   Up I say!   Hoist man’s
dreams higher and higher,
beyond the miraculous,
beyond the ridiculous,
beyond the frivolous,
beyond the tempestuous nature of man’s reality that has made him
an enemy of himself,
a mockery of evolution,
a slave to unseen, unreal deities and those who wield fear and hatred as emisarries of those baseless creations.

Up!  Up I say!

Hoist man’s
spirit to the Realm of Realization of
his time, his place, his state
and his chaos amidst the chaos of
the natural and unnatural ordered disorders,
the known and the unknown ordered disorders,
the rich and the wretched,
the silent and the salient,
the dreaming damned and the boisterous bellowing bastards of the world
whose very souls will twist and be tormented until this Plague of Confusion is annihilated!
Up!  Up I say!

Dzemma ban