Walked with Cassidy,
Ashley, Mary-Lee (and her co-worker, Natalee),
With Mo, Sarah and Ary, who’s a member of a Greek family.
Oh!  I nearly forgot about running into my old, good buddy randomly,
The middle sibling of three variety:
Mr. Zachary.
Strolled through the Museum of Natural History,
Ketchupy, mustardy, oniony $2.00 hot doggy
Near Central Park West(erly).
We walked to find a water park most watery.
Instead, I found the Reservoir of Jaquelin Kennedy.
On a bench in the shad-did-diddy-ly-shadey,
Slidin’ back the plastic on some of Devin’s cheddar of the utmost cheesy,
Oh, how the taste will be left forever on my sacred memory.
We ended on pizza that wasn’t at all spicy,
And then a big chocolate chip cookie that was far from being icy.
Tired now, from said dinner that was so tasty,
And after a short run to make my train, so as to not upset Daddy,
(Hmmm…just heard a harliess man [a baldy]
Who was talking about a governmental, economical conspiracy theory)
I sat down somewhat sweaty
And met an actor in training at the Boston Conservatory
Who was named Morgan from Edison, New Jersey,
And who, in a moment of comedy,
Reached for the button (the same one as me!)
To help a poor, door-incompetent, older lady,
And then we laughed quasi-wholeheartedly
As our eyes met and we were all smiley-
Hrmp- a nice reflective moment ruined by a pack of drunkies who are horny-
Anyway, this train of a lovely day; this awesomely, interestingly, especially, and sincerely sticky Friday
Took place in the one, the only,
Amazingly, Outstandingly, Superkalafragelisticexpialadociously

So now, good night, and may tomorrow be a great day.


Dzemma ban