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I read this on seaworld.com just now:

Humans may encounter polar bears wherever human and polar bear habitats overlap. With loss of sea ice habitat, polar bears are shifting their habitat to land areas and humans may increasingly encounter polar bears as a result. This could be dangerous to humans since polar bears are large predators. Bear spray is a reliable defense and should be carried by people for protection in areas where they may encounter polar bears.

And this:

When not hunting, polar bears are often sleeping or resting. From July to December in Canada’s James Bay region, when lack of ice prevents seal hunting, a polar bear may spend up to 87% of its time resting.

I recall a time when I didn’t care about what went on around me.  That time has passed.  I find in the present time I feel certain amounts of anxiety and pressure that have only seemed to get stronger and stronger as the years have added up.  Why and what has caused this? There must be a root cause.  I’m not talking job, I’m not talking lady, I’m not talking image, and I’m not talking doubt.
I’m talking about the polar bear.

A polar bear!  Yes, indeed a polar bear has concocted this great and powerful bit of lunacy to permeate the walls of my psyche to the point of near omelet Genesis (you can’t make one of those without breaking some eggs and, here, my delicate psyche is the egg).

Certainly, a polar bear is a fierce creature, and one capable of great amounts of pain and suffering amidst its own pain and suffering.  Surely, the loss of habitat, the encroachment, the shifting weather patterns… yes, a polar bear can certainly lash out when it’s being cornered, when it lacks the civility needed to keep the peace and the prosperity with its fellow animals.  And this has been the case, and it will probably continue to be the case until the polar bear either sees itself for what it is, finds a new way of coexisting, or ceases to exist.

Cold hard facts, cold as the core of the disappearing ice shelf, but truth, as it were, for me.

Truth is a relative matter, for the experience held by one may not be, in its particular qualities that define the individual, a truth for any other.  Two people may see three fingers being held up, and another might see two fingers not being held up.  Those who see the three, also, will not experience the three exactly in the same way.  It’s absolutely, positively impossible, for how can two people with their own experiences, their own attributes, their own Limitations, experience the same event in the exact same way?

Nothing new, I would think, but something new to me.

I had a groundbreaking thought about reality once… it turned out Rene Descarte had had it about 375 years or so before I did.  However, I did not know Descarte existed when I had had it.  That made me feel warm and happy on the inside… like a polar bear on a good day.

Dzemma Ban.

The first enjoyment I had today was opening my mouth and tasting the bad taste of sleep.  Morning breath is something akin to an all-night bacterial Romanesque orgy, but without the horses and (unfortunately) without the virgins.  So, I was in need of water and had to vacate the New Womb in order to get on with the day, finding new ways to walk along the usual pattern, walk down the usual staircase into the usual kitchen and see the usual polar bear who would ask the usual questions about life that don’t really fit into my view of things.

I did not do this though.  Instead, I created an online diary that I don’t expect anyone to read but me.

The thing about expectations is that they get in the way of real freedom.  For example, the freedom one should have with starting up a web log should include the freedom to say hello in the manner one wants to say hello.  I was not given this option.  WordPress decided to say, “Hello world!” for me and then give me the option of editing or deleting it.  This automated bit of the Silly is not something that I wanted from WordPress.  I need an automated hello from my personal piece of the internet pie like I need a doomed Klingon warship under the command of “Doc” Brown.

So now that I, Jon Klassay, have a place to write what I want, I feel that the first bit of business should be to greet you in the simplest way possible:

Hello, and welcome to my Audacious Fresh Realm of absolutely lucrid goings on in my new found life!