Apparently, NotG, which I and others have made to stand for Nectar of the Gods, has another meaning here.

I guess I’ve just Chinesed the idea.

And here’s what I mean by that.  To start, China is not new to me.  My experience with the Big Red Monster (BRM) has been one of ideological odds and sods.  It’s important to realize that in terms of basic communication (whether in English or Chinese) the Chinese seem to have this thing about “Yes, No, and Maybe”.  I once asked a sixteen-year-old Taiwanese student about this idea and she laughed at me because she didn’t understand it either.  The Taiwanese variable did not necessarily preclude her from being of the same mind as the mainland people, but she definitely had the mind to at least laugh wholeheartedly at this strange situation.

The breakdown: Yes sometimes means yes, but sometimes it means no.  No sometimes means no, but sometimes it means yes.  Maybe sometimes means maybe, but oftentimes means yes or no.

The conundrum: How does one person know what the other one means if there is such a variability?

The solution: Accept that you will never actually know what the other one means and just be open to the possibility that whatever has been previously talked about and agreed upon might, in reality, be meaningless.

This is nothing new.  See? See? See?

Now, what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read tells me that China is – there’s such a thing as intellectual property rights, and China, as they climb upwards on the rungs of the economic ladder, have done much to try to adhere to the rules, but they often seem to have trouble with the follow through.  Simply stated, to “Chinese the idea” means to steal it or to possibly improve upon it.  More often than not though, this and this happen.

Dzemma Ban.